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We use the most durable, long lasting garage doors for repairs, garage door replacements, and garage door installations in Clinton Township Michigan. Let us outfit your home or business with the industry elite in Michigan garage doors. Wether its industrial or residential garage door repair, Lifetime garage door repair chooses CraftMaster for its solid reputation of durability and quality.

We strongly advise you to consult with one of our garage door technitions before choosing a door for your home our business. Garage door repairs can be dangerous, and require expert knowledge in engineering, and percision when dealing with garage door torsion springs, rollers, or belts, chains,and screw openers.

Spring replacements

There are 2 choices when to consider when choosing a garage door spring:

Galvanized Springs: These springs are considered standard and are rated for 10,000 cycles. A cycle is the amount of revolutions a garage door will make in its lifetime. These springs are acceptable for most garage door installations if you are not planning on staying in this home for a considerable amount of time.

Tempered oiled Spring: These springs are always first choice when it comes to garage door repairs. They are much more durable and have an industrial rating of 30,000 cycles in a lifetime. They are built to last and odds are you will not require a garage door repair for springs in the future.

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