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We use a variety of specialized parts and tools for garage door repair and installation. We’re listing the most common parts used to help you make an expert decision when replacing your garage door.

10,000 Cycle Spring

Every spring used on a Garage is rated with an industry standard increment of 10,000. After every revolution of your garage door opening this counts as 1 cycle. Depending on how often you’re using your garage door, a torsion spring will last about 7 to 10 years. The average garage door will go through about 3 cycles per day for 1 year that’s 1,095 cycles. Divide 10,000 cycles by 1,095 cycles leaves a life expectancy of 9 years.
(WARNING! Do not attempt to install springs yourself, severe spring injuries are common.)

30,000 Cycle Spring

The 30,000 cycle spring should be used for heavier garage doors, and will last 3 times as long as a 10,000 cycle spring. One major benefit of using a 30,000 cycle spring is that the overall cost of operation will be 70 percent less than a 10,000 cycle spring. When your considering a spring installation, you may want to contemplate a 30,000 cycle spring. Contact a Lifetime Garage Door professional, or stop by and see us at our location in the Metro Detroit area.
(WARNING! Do not attempt to install springs yourself, severe spring injuries are common.)

8ft Lift Drum

The safety and durability of your garage door is hinging on lift drums. A standard lift drum has a flat section for the cable, with one/two grooves. When your garage door opens the rollers will slide along this track. This allows for the garage door to transition from the vertical track to the horizontal track.

12ft Lift Drum

If your garage door is heaver/ larger, a 12 foot lift drum may be required. The wider circumference on the 12 foot lift drum grants more leverage when lifting heavier garage doors at greater distances. Using the right equipment for garage door repair is essential. Making a mistake using the wrong part on a repair can be dangerous, and you will likely destroy your new garage door. Leave the repair in the hands of professionals, and Contact a Lifetime Garage Door professional today.

Universal Garage Door Remote

Stuff happens, the garage door remote gets lost, thrown around, broken, or maybe we just managed to leave it inside the garage. That’s why there are universal remotes that can be programmed to your garage door. These ingenious devices are affordable and will work with almost any garage door.

Torsion Cables

Using a good torsion cable is imperative for the safety and durability of your garage door. These cables must be built tuff and dependable to lift up these heavy garage doors. Torsion cable injuries can be common for garage door technicians. It is wise for you to never attempt to replace a broken, or rusty torsion cable.

Genie Trolley

A trolley gets pulled along the track from a chain. belt, or screw that rotates when the motor is operating. There is a quick release mechanism that is attached to the trolley that allows the garage door to be disconnected from the opener for manual operation. This will come in handy during a power outage or in another emergency.

Lift Master Gear and Sprocket Kit

A sprocket rests on top of the chain, or belt as the primary piece of the opening function. The sprocket enables the garage door to return to the resting position.  It’s common for the sprocket it become rusty, or even break which will cause your garage door to become unable to close.

End Bearings

The end bearings rest on both ends of the door, and help to keep the garage door locked in place. End bearings must be built tuff to bear the weight of the garage door.

Center Bearings

The center bearings are important because they carry the weight produced by the torsion springs. It’s important to have your center bearings installed correctly and securely so that your garage door preforms with accuracy, and without potentially hazardous mishaps.

Nylon Ball Bearing Rollers

Nylon Ball Bearing Rollers are what keep the garage door on track. Using a nylon roller improves the overall sileint operation of your garage door. These rollers sit on both ends of the garage door and slide from front to back during garage door function.

Torsion Tube

A Torsion Tube is used to hold up the spring and drums. This mechanism is responsible for bearing the pressure caused between the drum and torsion springs.

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